Hot sex story of lovers enjoying intimate passionate sex together – Frolicme

Hot sex story of lovers enjoying intimate passionate sex together – Frolicme


I wanted him to know it had aroused me to do it so I’d gone to the bathroom at work and rubbed myself to climax through the pretty fabric, pushing the gusset good and hard into my moistening folds. They were still damp when I slipped them into the dark rose envelope that contained the letter I’d been composing all morning instead of stock entry.

The words that had spilt from my pen had drawn from me the most unbearable yearning, and I’d read and reread them until I could take it no more.

Dear Nick,
I was shocked at your request for my lingerie, you seem to think me some kind of hussy who would do such a depraved thing as send panties, used ones at that. I was warned of men like you, men who seem to think they can demand such trophies from women. If it hadn’t made me wet to think of it, I would have cast your request aside and forgotten all about you. But it did make me wet Nick, I slicked my knickers thinking of you pressing them to your face in between meetings with your oh-so-important clients. You shaking their hand as they enter the room, no idea they will be leaving with my scent on their fingers. Yes, the thought of that makes my pussy clench, yearning for more. So I enclose a pair, specially fragranced with my own perfume brought forth from myself with my fingers and thoughts of you wrapping your hand around your thick cock and pleasuring yourself for me too.

I wait in anticipation for your reply,

Yours, Georgie

I tongued the gum along the flap and sealed down the envelope, pressing my fingertips firmly along the ridges, feeling the patterned lace of my panties inside.

I squirmed a little in my seat, my bare thighs and pussy rubbing up against each other. I’d have to spend the day naked under my skirt, and the arousal that flushed through my entire body brought a blush to my cheeks. I’d have to make sure there wasn’t a wet patch on my chair.

Now to deliver. I toyed with the idea of popping it in the post special delivery, but I wanted him to get it today while my scent was still fresh and brimming with sex hormones. I was excited, we used to behave like this, but work and real life seemed to be getting in the way recently.

When I walked up to his office door, it was slightly ajar and peeped round it, disappointed to find the room empty. I peered out into the corridor to check no one was watching and darted inside, hoping to surprise him before he came back. I skipped around behind his desk, pausing to pull up my skirt before I sat. I gasped as the cold leather seat streaked my buttocks and I almost leapt off. I wriggled around and soon got used to the chill. The room was very smart, very organised. Not like my own office which was chaotic and disordered. I didn’t care, I’ve been told only the most creative people keep their desks messy. I checked the clock, he was taking his time. I gazed at the papers on the desk, my breath hitching at perhaps seeing something I shouldn’t. There was a personal document right in front of me, I didn’t want to read it, but the red letters splashed across the page said PRIVATE. What could I do, I lifted the paper and turned it over out of my reach only to discover an envelope beneath it marked, Georgie.

That sneak knew all along I wouldn’t be able to resist bringing my package in person or flipping over the ‘secret’ document! I looked around again, half thinking he must be spying on me and picked up the envelope. It smelled of his aftershave. Strong and musky. Dark and authoritative.

Where had the excitement disappeared to over these past few months? Little quarrels had picked their way between us and we’d slowly been turning into one of ‘those couples’, you know, the ones that bicker the whole time you’re in their company.

I opened the envelope gently, my heart actually racing with excitement. I pulled out the fragranced handwritten note along with what looked like travel documents.

The note read simply, “Let’s bring the heat back into us,” and I looked at the papers. Two tickets leaving today for Ibiza.

I laughed out loud in joy and delight.


I jumped up from the chair in fright at the voice just behind me to the right.

“Where the hell did you come from?” I shrieked and leapt up into his waiting arms.

“Haha, now that would be telling.”

“How did you know I’d come over?” I looked directly into his eyes, quite bewildered that he’d read me so perfectly. Like I said, we hadn’t been connecting too much recently.

“Georgie, I know you, my love.” He tenderly reached for a lock of my hair and placed it behind my ear. “I knew you wouldn’t be able to wait for me to receive your knickers through the post.” He grinned, his gorgeous teeth flashing and eyes gleaming in fun.

“Really?” I was impressed.

“No, not really… Maddy on reception called up and said you had just come in, I was going to skip off early at lunchtime to pick you up.”
I rolled my eyes and cuffed him on the upper arm.

“What about work?” I asked suddenly feeling a bit awkward about perhaps spoiling the moment. I had a few tight deadlines coming up.

“I’ve had it sorted with your boss for a while, we need this. It’s only a long weekend, I’m sure the world won’t end no matter how important we think we are.”

He flashed me his killer smile again and lifted me onto the edge of his desk.

“Now, more interestingly, what have we got here, madam.” He slid his hands up under my skirt to my bare ass and licked his lips.

I leant on the heels of my hands and kept my legs spread open as he drew back to look at me. I was sure I’d left a wet patch on his trousers where I’d been clinging around his waist with my thighs.

“Now there’s a sight I love. My beautiful Georgie.”

I smiled, the tension on the past few months ebbing away as passion ignited between us again. He fell to his knees and crawled up between my thighs inhaling my scent. I sighed a deep sigh and let my head fall back as he rolled his tongue around my labia, sucking and teasing at my wet pussy lips.

“Mmmm,” he groaned and kept licking and sucking, bringing my arousal higher and excitement to burning point.

My cunt started to twitch, and he roughly slid two fingers inside me, fucking me hard while bringing my clit to the brink of orgasm in a flurry of tonguing.

“Oh fuck Nick, fuck, I’m going to…”

Just as my pelvis started to buck and stars twinkled in my peripheral vision, he stopped and stood up, wiping his face on his shirt sleeve.

“Hey,” I said, frustrated petulance swelling in my tone.

“I think you have something for me?” he said, eyeing the envelope on the peeking out of my handbag.

I picked it between thumb and forefinger.

“Not until you finish what you started.” I cocked one eyebrow and dangled the paper in front of him motioning to my open thighs.

He smiled and grabbed it swiftly from me.

“Plenty of time for that this weekend. I just wanted you ready and amped up for our trip. We have to leave for the airport in two hours so go home and pack a weekend bag. Your work colleagues aren’t expecting you back from lunch.” He smiled again. “I have your passport, but I was not going to gamble on bloody makeup.” He giggled, and I frowned at the comment. I wasn’t that high maintenance, really. Not compared to some girls I knew.
I made the decision to take it in good spirits and flounced off the desk in mock defiance leaving my skirt up over my ass as I sashayed towards the door.

“Fine, if you insist…”

I looked over my shoulder at him checking out my rear and tipped my behind out further to keep his appetite well and truly whetted.

“See you at the airport, there’s a taxi picking you up.” He pre-empted my pout by giving a resigned look and shrugging. “Sorry darling, I really do have to finish up a few things here.”

“Ok, fine.” I blew him a kiss over my shoulder and practically skipped out the door in excitement. A whole weekend dedicated to sun, heat and sex. I could hardly wait.


I was reading my book, the breeze from the delicious warm air and beautiful foreign birdsong made it difficult to concentrate on the words. That and the memories of drunkenly fucking for ages when we finally stumbled into our apartment after an evening out sampling the local wines and spirits. There’s something so wonderful about being in a different land, getting away to reconnect to yourself and your lover. We’d fucked liked teenagers again, giggling and experimental. I tried to refocus on my book, but my thoughts trailed again to how a night out then lazy day in the warmth had not led to a hangover.

He’d gone out for a swim, and because I was anticipating the bite of a dehydrated headache, I didn’t go. I regretted it, wishing I was with him, watching the flex and release of his muscles skate beneath his skin as he swam against the current. He always seemed to be tanned, his complexion a beautiful oak colour and I know he’ll darken beautifully by the time we leave on Monday.

I turned the page, distracted by a sound at the window, I could sense someone looming, but he wasn’t due back for a while, so I kept trying to read my book. But the sound persisted, and I looked round to see him staring at me on the bed, book in hand.

“I thought you were swimming,” I said, very pleased that he’d changed his mind. My breasts swelled and my nipples lifted against the silky fabric of my top. I turned to him, kneeling up to capture his lips in mine. He tasted of heat, musk, and black coffee and my mouth watered, ravenous for him. He kissed me hard, taking my tongue and rolling it with his like we were making love with that one kiss, sensual and building anticipation for what was to come. The midmorning sun streamed in onto the bed, making me feel suddenly aware of how freeing it was to be so completely and utterly warm to the bone.

He started to grind his body into mine, showing me his erection through his jeans and grabbing the hair at my nape to glue me to his lips. It was so horny, and he had me at his mercy. I was hungry for more, and he knew it. He darted round to the door, and I quickly checked my hair and smiled as he came in. I patted the bed for him to join me. I sat behind him, kissing over his shoulder and undid his shirt, his body practically on fire with the heat of the sun scorching his clothes. He leaned back, and I reached down to his erection, feeling how hard he was already. He quickly shucked off his jeans and settled into the bed. God, his cock was perfection, and I told him, my fist barely able to close around it. I give him a nice slow hand job, bringing my lips to his cockhead, now and again to taste his manly flavour.

He was delicious, and I couldn’t get enough, I ran my tongue up and down his length while fisting his shaft, over and over. I loved watching the contrast of my light fingers against his darker thicker skin.

The sun and the sounds of the birds had me so relaxed, and the taste and smell of his cock had me so turned on, that my cunt was practically soaking through my thong already. My muscles were clenching in desperation, begging me to sit on his big thick dick right away. Give him the ride of his life. And I couldn’t wait for a second longer. I straddled him, knickers still on and placed my hands to his chest. He steadied me by the hips and stared right into my eyes as I pulled my knickers to the side and guided him to my entrance. I opened up and sank down onto him taking him all the way in.
He was so big I rode him hard, concentrating on taking his full length inside my desperate pussy. I sat straight up, exposing my breasts to him and he grabbed them, squeezing them together as I rocked and ground on him. Oh, it was so good, I arched my back and thrust my pelvis to increase the sensations to my clit – my thong pressing in all the right places, and suddenly I was coming on him already.

I slowed down and eased myself off, smiling and rolling to the side. My cheeks felt flushed with the afterglow and I told him to be gentle as he pushed me onto my front and leaned in to worship my ass with his hands and kisses.

I paused to pull off my thong and spread my legs so he could dive in between my buttocks again. He nibbled and gnawed at my flesh, sliding a cheeky finger in as he buried his face in my behind. It was absolute heaven, and I relished the slippery probing feel of his tongue licking from my pussy right up to my asshole, breaching my most private space for a moment before flicking out as if it didn’t happen.

He stretched out like a cat and swooped up to my face, kissing me again, his thick cock nudging at my ass. I pulled up on to my knees, and he opened me up, pushing himself deep inside. I was so ready for him, he slammed his full length in over and over again, his balls tapping my clit with every thrust. I wish I could have watched the dip of the muscle in his ass. I love his body. The way he held mine in place, the way he paused to worship and kiss me before taking me again.

It just felt so fucking good. The birds were our constant love song, and the stillness outside was in such delicious contrast to our lovemaking.
He pressed his fists into my sacrum as he fucked me, knowing I love it when he adds pressure there. It made me feel truly owned and taken. I bore down and met him thrust for thrust.

We fucked and fucked and as I looked over my shoulder up at him, he bit his lip. His orgasm tell. It was super sexy to know he was trying to stop himself from coming. He knows I can take his dick all day long. Our groans, intermingled with the birds and the rhythm of his thrusts, made the most sublime soundtrack.

He grabbed my tits through my silky top and bid me roll over, spreading my legs so he could eat my pussy. I drifted off into that orgasmic place with my foot arched up over his back as he lapped and teased my raw cunt.

He stopped to snake his way up to spoon me and entered me from the side. It hit my g spot perfectly, and I sucked on his finger, hoping it felt as sexy as my wet, wet cunt. Slurping slapping noises added to the sexy rawness and I reached down to frig my clit while he pummelled me. It felt good to be so full and ravished. He cradled my thigh as we fucked, licking and teasing my nipple. Squeezing it to intensify the sensations. My breasts were exposed, and I watched them bounce as we fucked, loving every moment. I rubbed my clit some more and started to come hard on his big cock again, floating off into that beautiful space. He grabbed my tit and rubbed it in time, handful after handful.

Pushing me onto my back, he settled between my legs, kissing me briefly then dragged me onto his cock again. He yanked my top open and caressed my breasts as he penetrated me. We were staring right into each other’s eyes, and it was intense. I wanted to swallow him whole, take him inside me forever and be one with him. He sat on his haunches and withdrew, licking his hand to lubricate his dick before pushing inside for one more round.
I love the way his body moves. His ass started shuddering as if he was about to come. He pulled out and milked his fat cock with his hand spurting his pleasure all over my tummy and tits, sensual relief showing in his expression.

I rubbed his silky come into my skin and revelled in the afterglow of our lovemaking.

He really is an absolutely glorious fuck.