– Milena & Lia – Milena & Lia


Here they are – our favourite Ersties girls Milena & Lia! This time Lia invited her friend over where they talked, kissed and just did what girls together like to do! From sunroom to bed, tender touches to pussy licking. Watching this will heat you up!

An afternoon with our favourite Ersties girls Milena and Lia

Milena and Lia only just found out that they both love to play online games and in the future will maybe play together. Although they don’t live in the same city we would highly approve of any visits where it’s about “playing”. Well, you know what we mean…

20-year-old Lia describes herself as lazy. The luscious blonde loves to watch lesbian porn and having sex with girls because it is so much more aesthetic and erotic. Boys have their advantages but it’s the woman where she feels more connection.

Milena thinks the same. Especially being intimate with Lia because she is so cute and nice and has the most wonderful breasts. These two girls make a good match and we are very happy to see them again here at Ersties!